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Episode 5 – My Livelihood with Matt Hern the Budgeting Coach

Episode 5 is about making the most of your money – from a mindset, budgeting and expansive perspective. Matt is a personal trainer for your financial fitness and describes his career journey, personal philosophies and how he helps his clients – even those with a variable income which can make budgeting seem a lot harder....

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Episode 4 – My Livelihood with Maria Doyle – Take Your Training Online

If you love teaching, educating, mentoring, running workshops and seminars, you may be wondering how you can leverage digital to do more of this work online.   Maria Doyle is an expert in this space – having been a teacher in numerous countries, a curriculum consultant and now helping small businesses to government departments here...

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Episode 3 – My Livelihood with Steve Wells – Keeping Calm in a Crisis

When your livelihood is threatened by things outside your control, it can be very stressful. Having an irregular income can be tricky at the best of times – how do you keep yourself calm, lower your anxiety and manage to keep on doing good work?  Ed and Lois chat to special guest and psychologist Steve...

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Episode 2 – My Livelihood – Portfolio Power

Ed and Lois discuss the portfolio career and how diversification can really be your friend during tough times. Hear the origins of the side hustle / portfolio approach and some ways that you could make this work, including digital diversification

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Episode 1 – Ed & Lois Keay-Smith My Livelihood Introduction

Episode 1 – Ed & Lois Keay-Smith My Livelihood IntroductionIntroduction to My Livelihood – Ed and Lois Keay-Smith discuss some of the aspects of making a living from your profession and portfolio in changing times and the guests and help they wish to bring your way through the series of podcasts. Listen to this episode...

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