Episode 6 – My Livelihood with Simon Chen from Eight Black Cars

Our guest on Episode 6 is Simon Chen, Director of Eight Black Cars in Colorado USA.

Simon is Australian and has lived in Colorado for the past six years. Prior to moving to the US, Simon and his family were based in Singapore.

He has spent the past 15-years consulting with technology companies across Asia Pacific and the US and has held several senior management positions for large multinationals including British Telecom Asia Pacific.

I first met Simon in 2004 when he put on the X10 Seminar, a 3 day digital marketing seminar, at the Hyatt Coolum Resort in Queensland.

I was extremely impressed with how the X10 Seminar was run by Simon and his team and the top notch presenters who were at the top of their game. I have held any future events up to that standard. Very few have even come close.

Join us as we chat with Simon about his Livelihood journey and how he is adapting to the current business environment.

Simon can be contacted at – www.EightBlackCars.com

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