Episode 3 – My Livelihood with Steve Wells – Keeping Calm in a Crisis

When your livelihood is threatened by things outside your control, it can be very stressful. Having an irregular income can be tricky at the best of times – how do you keep yourself calm, lower your anxiety and manage to keep on doing good work?  Ed and Lois chat to special guest and psychologist Steve…

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Episode 2 – My Livelihood – Portfolio Power

Ed and Lois discuss the portfolio career and how diversification can really be your friend during tough times. Hear the origins of the side hustle / portfolio approach and some ways that you could make this work, including digital diversification

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Episode 1 – Ed & Lois Keay-Smith My Livelihood Introduction

Episode 1 – Ed & Lois Keay-Smith My Livelihood IntroductionIntroduction to My Livelihood – Ed and Lois Keay-Smith discuss some of the aspects of making a living from your profession and portfolio in changing times and the guests and help they wish to bring your way through the series of podcasts. Listen to this episode…

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