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Ed and Lois Keay-Smith are partners in life and business. Having two separate businesses – Ed with Online Impact and Lois with Career Wisdom, they recognised the synergies between them.  Lois helps people with their career direction and Ed assists business owners with digital marketing. 

They saw lots of overlap between the two areas – each are grateful to have a diversified income and have been self-employed for the majority of their working lives so far. 

Ed and Lois were lucky to meet speaker and mentor Jim Rohn when they were in their early twenties and were inspired to investigate the notion of “income is better than wages”. They also learned the value of building a network and enjoy meeting and connecting people.

Both Ed and Lois were finding that increasingly, people are looking for alternative or additional means of securing their livelihood – which led to hosting “My Livelihood”.  And here it is!

About Our Podcast

Livelihood is described as “a means of securing the necessities of life”.

When we think of livelihood, we may think of the baker, the artist, the self-employed. But really, we all aspire to having a livelihood. And as recent circumstances have shown, livelihoods can be challenged or even disappear through external factors that we couldn’t have predicted.

For many who are gainfully employed, they don’t think about it much, as they may have a fulltime, permanent job and their livelihood is already deemed secure and takes care of the necessities as well as a fair few luxuries.  

They may take out insurance, have large savings siphoned from regular and dependable incomes and thus be cushioned well from change.  Others may have over-relied on the promise of dependability and have high debts that are called to account.

Then there are those who are temporarily out of work due to redundancy or situations beyond their control and have had their livelihood threatened. 

Others who freelance or do a combination of contract work and other forms of employment may often experience fluctuations in their income. “Securing necessities” can become a bit more challenging for those who generate their own income, as unplanned circumstances can mean a dramatic drop in that income.   

There is also the fact that those of us living in a privileged society can begin to reassess what are ‘necessities’ and think more about the notions of ‘enough’ as well as how we can produce a constant sustainable income while lowering our consistent need for ‘more’ things. 

There’s the gratitude that comes from realising that in Australia, a safety net provides for basic necessities of life that isn’t available – and would be considered luxuries, in developing nations. 

Then there’s the entrepreneurial side of ‘livelihood’ that means securing a regular and consistent income no matter what – which may spell looking for ways to have more control, be buffeted from economic cycles and have a community who can support and encourage your learning and growing into this state. 

How can we embrace digital, lean into growing trends and earn our livelihood from multiple sources.   

Innovation and technology uptake means embracing a growth mindset – we need to be constantly learning and applying what we learn. And, taking the failures on the chin.  

How do we find the time and energy to learn, do, and stay afloat?  It’s easy to be swamped by all the options and decisions to be made, from which ideas do I pursue, park or let go, to which software as a service will suit my particular needs at the lowest cost?

Then there’s life – how to live a good one, and stay healthy and sane amongst it all.

My Livelihood hopes to discuss, generate thoughts and actions in all of these areas. Take what you need and want and leave the rest!