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Every week (or so) we produce an interview with a guest or discussion between Ed and Lois about a variety of topics relating to livelihood.

Guests talk about subjects they are expert and experienced in – from producing income from digital and other means, wellbeing and handling anxiety provoking times, to handling money and cultivation of new ideas and plans and staying organised.

We welcome your ideas and requests too.

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New Episodes

Episode 7 – My Livelihood with Emma McCarthy from Table Culture

Emma McCarthy is co-owner of Table Culture a retail store and ecommerce store that brings you the best brands and highest quality products across tableware, glassware, wine/bar, kitchenware and gift-ware. A country girl, Emma has made her way in the competitive high-end retail marketplace by understanding her customers and delivering exceptional service, while adapting to...

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Episode 6 – My Livelihood with Simon Chen from Eight Black Cars

Our guest on Episode 6 is Simon Chen, Director of Eight Black Cars in Colorado USA. Simon is Australian and has lived in Colorado for the past six years. Prior to moving to the US, Simon and his family were based in Singapore. He has spent the past 15-years consulting with technology companies across Asia...

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Episode 5 – My Livelihood with Matt Hern the Budgeting Coach

Episode 5 is about making the most of your money – from a mindset, budgeting and expansive perspective. Matt is a personal trainer for your financial fitness and describes his career journey, personal philosophies and how he helps his clients – even those with a variable income which can make budgeting seem a lot harder....

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Episode 4 – My Livelihood with Maria Doyle – Take Your Training Online

If you love teaching, educating, mentoring, running workshops and seminars, you may be wondering how you can leverage digital to do more of this work online.   Maria Doyle is an expert in this space – having been a teacher in numerous countries, a curriculum consultant and now helping small businesses to government departments here...

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Episode 3 – My Livelihood with Steve Wells – Keeping Calm in a Crisis

When your livelihood is threatened by things outside your control, it can be very stressful. Having an irregular income can be tricky at the best of times – how do you keep yourself calm, lower your anxiety and manage to keep on doing good work?  Ed and Lois chat to special guest and psychologist Steve...

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Episode 2 – My Livelihood – Portfolio Power

Ed and Lois discuss the portfolio career and how diversification can really be your friend during tough times. Hear the origins of the side hustle / portfolio approach and some ways that you could make this work, including digital diversification

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Episode 13 – My Livelihood with Mike Warren

On this episode of My Livelihood we chat with Mike Warren from Ditch the Dad Bod about his health and wellbeing program for men over 40 who want to get in shape and get their health back on track.  “Ditch the Dad Bod” is all about creating a safe motivating environment for mature men to...

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Episode 12 – My Livelihood with Paula Smith

On this episode of the My Livelihood Podcast, we talk with our guest Paula Smith. Paula is regularly described as a dynamo. She has been in business since her teens and has built businesses from the ground up, franchised, bought a hotel (when out on a short trip in the Perth hills!) and mentored many...

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Episode 11 – My Livelihood with Gihan Perera

On this episode of the My Livelihood Podcast, we talk with Gihan Perera. Gihan is a futurist, conference speaker, author and consultant who gives you a glimpse into what’s ahead – and shows you how to become fit for the future, in your professional and personal life. Since 1997, he has worked with business leaders,...

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Episode 10 – My Livelihood with Chris Smoje

In this episode we’re chatting with Chris Smoje who is a specialist in customer service and customer experience. Chris works with businesses through his consultancy, ChrisSmoje.com, in a training and consulting capacity helping them improve their customer service and customer experiences. This is a fantastic episode to listen to for any business owner looking to...

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Show Hosts

Ed and Lois Keay-Smith discuss some of the aspects of making a living from your profession and portfolio in changing times and the guests and help they wish to bring your way through the series of podcasts.

Ed Keay-Smith

Ed Keay-Smith is a marketing consultant with a digital agency called Online Impact.

He helps small businesses and medium sized enterprises with their challenges on building an online presence that converts to clients or customers.

With a previous background in customer service and sales, Ed was an early adopter to computers and technology and has developed a portfolio of domain names, sometimes referred to as “virtual real estate”.

His portfolio career consists of digital advertising consulting, online conversion and web development work, domain name brokering and investing and affiliate marketing.

An experienced speaker and trainer, Ed’s expertise was called upon via the “Achieve More Online” project team who brought digital marketing education across Western Australia and Darwin between 2010 – 2015 and is often invited to share his digital marketing wisdom at events and conventions.

Ed has been podcasting for 12 years and has produced 4 shows in that time on topics such as Domain Investing and Digital Marketing.

Ed can be contacted at – www.OnlineImpact.com.au

Lois Keay-Smith

Lois Keay-Smith is a Masters qualified career counsellor and career practitioner.

She helps people to work out what they want to do, and how to get there. 

With a previous corporate relations background with ASX and in superannuation, she changed career and established Career Wisdom in 2005.

Lois has worked with professional sportspeople, executives, dancers, and is a referred career practitioner via the Australian Institute of Sport.

She has had a portfolio career for the past 15 years, working in professional sport, not for profit management and consulting and is the author of “Make Your Move: Career Dynamics for Changing Times”. 

Lois was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2019 and is a Fellow of Leadership Western Australia. 

Lois can be contacted at – www.CareerWisdom.com.au